Caterpillars got it good

BSS_peeling paperOn June 11, Bespeak Studios had a “soft launch,” opening its doors to Bright Livelihoods, a company that offers programs to help people transition into meaningful work. Getting the space ready for the event was stressful. Operating on only two hours of sleep, I spent much of the day in mega-action mode, installing curtains in the front windows, covering the last bit of naked wall with fresh paint, and tucking away vacuum cleaner, brooms, mops, and other extraneous items into various storage areas.

I’ll be honest: In the days leading up to the 11th, half of me wondered why on earth I had agreed to host a group before the space was really ready. But when the day arrived with no mechanism in sight for turning back the clock, the other half of me turned out to be very grateful for the big push.

It was in the process of putting up the curtains on June 11 that I came to understand something about myself and the new business—something I hadn’t realized prior to that. Over the days and weeks of working on the interior, the paper that my friends and I had taped over all the windows a few months back had come to serve a specific purpose more poignant than preventing passersby from seeing in. The paper was a protective barrier, shielding the business from having to expose itself to the world.

As long as that paper was up, I could keep working in the space and keep putting off the inevitable: emerging.

When pressed to the wall (the window?) by the impending event, when it was no longer possible to put it off and I just had to peel away the tape and paper, I found myself muttering out loud: “There goes the cocoon.” Feeling fear is putting it mildly.

Will the Bespeak Studios caterpillar butterfly?BSS_taping windows